Hydrolienne H³

Fluvial| Floating| Sturdy

Our tidal turbine is designed to run for long periods in strong river currents and to sustain function even when surrounded by logs and other floating debris. Its horizontal axis technology enables high torque transmission creating an optimum energy extraction. This self-regulated system offers a production range of 0.8 to 3.5 m/s (or more depending on the source), equaling a prduction capacity of 2 to 70 kW.


The mast makes it possible to hoist the bulb using winches in order to perform onsite maintenance, to drain some of the mechanical components, to replace blades and a variety of controls. Guided by tested levels, the mast allows controlled 180° rotation for the bulb providing maximum production at estuarine sites, where currents go both ways.

Underwater housings

The underwater housings (upstream and downstream) constitute the technical areas that primarily contain the controls and the safety equipment and secondly contain the electrical power and basic tools required for maintenance.


Designed to absorb frontal impacts associated with the passage of objects floating in the river (tree trunks, vegetation, miscellaneous waste…) the boom is positioned so this debris is deflected. Underwater grids allow flow to pass while filtering the floating debris to protect the propeller.


The bulb houses the parts for converting mechanical-electrical power that is captured by the blade. Using instrumented sensors, we provide all related measurements in real-time in order to oversee production depending on the source. The seal between the bulb and the three-bladed propeller is a crucial element tested and validated by an 8 months full-scale test in la Garonne.


Our turbine is composed of an underwater propeller whose role is to convert the kinetic energy of river and estuary currents in the same way as a wind turbine uses the kinetic energy of the wind. Once the kinetic energy is converted into mechanical energy, is then converted into electricity by an alternator.

This inexhaustible resource has the advantage of being environmentally friendly, reliable and consistent.


Competitive advantages

By floating, its installation is fast and respectful of the environment. The machine is easy to maneuver, like a boat.

Sturdy and robust, it was designed to resist oncoming logs and other heavy debris that might strike.  

Maintenance is simple. The entire machine is made with industry standard parts and is built of steel and aluminum. Additionally, the propeller and the bulb (containing the electrical to mechanical energy conversion system) can be brought to the surface during any service operations on site.


Depending on the installation location, energy is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Natural full time current !



The floating tidal turbine is attached to a mooring that holds it in the current’s axis (two moorings are used on estuary site).

The propeller technology, mounted on a pivot, allows the tidal turbine H3 to capitalize on current in two directions.


On-site installation by simply towing turbines to the location, facilitates the construction of large tidal turbine farms for important power requirement.

This design adaptability is particularly advantageous when equipping a farm in an evolutionary fashion at a location whose energy needs are increasing.