Founded in 2008 by Franck Jouanny, Hydrotube Energie is the result of long study and an intimate knowledge of the Garonne River and its Gironde Estuary.

 Experienced in confronting and negotiating strong currents during the Tour de France à la Voile sailing race and with his sailing team in Bourg sur Gironde, our founder benefitted from the support of an entire support structure. The company headquarters is located on the site of CNB (Construction Navale Bordeaux), a filial of the Groupe Bénéteau.

Since 2010, Hydrotube Energie has developed three tidal turbine models to best meet the challenges posed by the estuarine currents, thus providing the best technical solutions at the lowest market price.

 In July 2015, the first floating tidal turbine prototype was launched, marking a decisive step in the development of our future energy solutions.


Chairman and CEO

Franck Jouanny is a passionate sailor and former America’s Cup crewmember (Marc Pajot’s 1992, French Challenge “City of Paris”) and winner of the 1992 Tour de France sailing race. As all good sailors know, the strength of the current is an inexhaustible source of clean energy. Inspired by this fact and given today’s energy context, he established Hydrotube Energie in 2008.  

Technical team

Hydrotube Energie has brought together a technical team of engineers and technicians united by their human values and this innovative project. In the design department they contribute their expertise and know-how to all the projects are entrusted to them.


Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine

The Aquitaine Regional Council has helped fund our work since 2012 by supporting the development of our first river turbine generator. The Aquitaine Region is very committed to many innovative companies in the field of renewable energy and finance, and encourages the actors developing energy transition.

Construction Navale Bordeaux

Construction Navale Bordeaux (CNB) is involved in the design of our technologies through its research department, as well as the manufacture of various metal parts. CNB is part of Groupe Bénéteau, whose foundation supports innovative projects that contribute to environmental protection and the maritime community. Hydrotube Energie is located at the site of the CNB headquarters where there is technical support and first class logistics.


Balineau (Vinci group) is one of the leading marine and under water public works companies operating in the Aquitaine. They also have an international presence and their recognized maritime expertise is an asset to our projects. Balineau is in charge of towing the tidal turbines as well as installing the moorings.

Agence Nationale de la Recherche

Hydrotube Energie is also associated with academic partners in the framework of the action “Institutes for Energy Transition” of the Program of the Future of the National Agency of Research Investments. Our response to the first call for projects was one of 10 winners selected jointly launched in 2015 by the ANR and France Marine Energy (HyFloEFlu : Hydrolienne Flottante Et Fluviale) (Floating and River Turbines).

Université Paris Dauphine

The HyFloEFlu project was conducted in partnership with the CEREMADE, a mixed research unit (UMR n° 7534, CNRS and Paris-Dauphine University), laboratory specialized in Applied Mathematics, where applied mathematics in various fields is studied. Their main focus is the mathematical analysis of problems, numerical calculations and assistance in practical implementation with business and industry.


INRIA, via the ANGE team (Analyse, Numérique, Géophysique et Ecologie), is the second academic partner of HyFloEFlu. The team working on the project is specialized in modeling digital analysis and simulation of geophysical flows, as well as in applications related to this subject including renewable energy.