Hydrotube Energie accompanies you in your energy project and offers a turnkey solution or a personalized solution chosen from one of four thematic groups. For information concerning your future project, do not hesitate to contact us.


Characteristics of the location
Power sizing
Blade sizing


Site supervision
Quality control


Underwater work
Transport, mooring


Maintenance contract
Technician training


  • Characteristics of the location
  • Power sizing
  • Blade sizing

In the upstream phase of your project, we propose to carry out a feasibility study by taking measurements on site (current speed, bathymetric and environmental).

We can then make an estimate of the potential production for electrical energy from our H³ technology. With this information we will be able to calculate the return on investment from a tidal turbine farm sized to your needs.



  • Site supervision
  • Procurement
  • Quality control

The manufacture of the machine is from the industrial sector of the Aquitaine region. It has been designed to deal with the numerous tree trunks and floating waste found in the Garonne River. Our expertise is based on production speed, a product with real strength and a concept that allows “light” handling before assembly and installation on site. We guarantee quality control of the entire machine. The majority of the machine parts are produced to the industry standard, which allows very reactive maintenance.


  • Underwater works
  • Transport, moorings
  • Connection

The installation is competed in 3 phases. First, a design study of the mooring lines and moorings in performed. Then the mooring systems on site as well as the underwater cable power delivery are put in place. This is all done under the supervision of an expert geologist to insure precise positioning. Finally, the connection of the production units is established for either an existing network or to create a network at an isolated location.


  • Maintenance contract
  • Technician training
  • Supervision

Hydrotube Energie offers annual maintenance contracts on location, to ensure proper functioning of your tidal turbine installation. We also set up training sessions for your employees who will be working on the turbines.

The H3 technology is also equipped with turbines that are connected to remote controlled sensors to monitor the electricity production of the site. The information, measured in real time is analyzed and an alert can be triggered (ranging from sending a simple message requesting an audit of the equipment, to an automatically shutting down the blade).

A daily report synthesizing the information acquired is sent to you automatically. This facilitates the monitoring of turbines and planning for maintenance interventions. Finally, a personalized website interface centralizes the information gathered from monitoring the production site.